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4 Life Lessons from Star Wars that Make Us Better Human Beings

Few movie franchises have had a global reach the way Star Wars has. Relatable characters. Incredible saber duels. Fascinating ethical and political dilemmas. Best of all, Star Wars offers incredible life lessons. Here are the best lessons from the Star Wars franchise, which can teach us about our own lives. Lesson #1 — It’s never too late … Continue reading 4 Life Lessons from Star Wars that Make Us Better Human Beings

When Addressing a Problem — Start by Doing Nothing

“Don’t just do something, sit there.” The above quote was uttered by Judson Brewer, who I had the opportunity to listen to (virtually, of course). Brewer is a psychiatrist, author, and professor who’s spent ample time hearing other people discuss their problems. It came as a surprise then that someone who’s a trained psychiatrist telling … Continue reading When Addressing a Problem — Start by Doing Nothing

A Non-Scientific Explanation of Nature vs. Nurture Through Pencil Sketches

On the first day of my high school psychology class, my teacher wrote down the following: Nature vs. Nurture. My teacher explained a reoccurring theme in psychology — and throughout numerous other subjects— is the interplay of nature and nurture. As a class, we discussed whether nature or nurture matters more in the development of a person. … Continue reading A Non-Scientific Explanation of Nature vs. Nurture Through Pencil Sketches

5 Fantastic Quotes From a Book You’ve Likely Never Heard Of

In 1903, a man named George Horace Lorimer wrote a book titled Letters From A Self-Made Merchant To His Son. The book is a collection of letters from a wealthy 19th-century businessman to his 20-something-year-old son. It wasn’t until halfway through the book that I realized the letters were not real. Lorimer had fictionalized the … Continue reading 5 Fantastic Quotes From a Book You’ve Likely Never Heard Of

If One Book “Changed Your Life,” You’re Doing it Wrong

Ever heard this line before: “This one book changed my life!” Okay, hold your horses. Though you may have heard someone make that claim, it’s quite the statement to make. Did one single book change the whole trajectory of your entire life? I tend to think not, and here’s my controversially bold statement: The person … Continue reading If One Book “Changed Your Life,” You’re Doing it Wrong

Guilt Isn’t Required to Take Responsibility

Guilt and responsibility are two of a kind. These two words are sometimes used interchangeably. But do they mean the same thing? I think not. Understanding the difference between guilt and responsibility can go a long way towards greater accountability. Is it possible to take responsibility without feeling guilt? Is guilt required to assume responsibility? … Continue reading Guilt Isn’t Required to Take Responsibility

Avoid Extreme Language

What’s wrong with the following statements? “Today is the worst day of my life” “Marcus is my best friend” “You never listen to me” “I’m always right” “I love taking the subway” “I hate Harry Potter” Each one of these statements uses extreme language. Things are either the best or the worst. We either love or hate people. I either always do something or never do something. … Continue reading Avoid Extreme Language

Shut Up and Listen – 5 Strategies to Stop Interrupting People

“Stop interrupting me!” We hear this complaint all too often. Humans are social creatures, yet many of us (especially men) aren’t the best at letting others talk. Over and over again, we’ve been told the ability to listen is paramount. Great, so shut up and let the other person talk. Great job! In reality, it’s … Continue reading Shut Up and Listen – 5 Strategies to Stop Interrupting People

The Paradox of Rest

The ability to rest is crucial to our well-being. We tend to think of resting as a physical act. Lie down on the couch and watch TV all afternoon. Take a 3-hour afternoon nap. Sleep in on the weekends, only to wake up once lunch is being served. We assume the more physical rest we … Continue reading The Paradox of Rest

Mindfulness for Westerners

The practice of mindfulness, which is defined as an active and open attention to the present*, has become fully immersed in the Western world. Many Westerners struggle with the concept of mindfulness. Imagine how many Westerners would interpret the following quote from the book The Power of Now: “At the deepest Level of Being, you … Continue reading Mindfulness for Westerners

The Secret to Laziness

At one point or another we’ve all been lazy.  We’re tempted to half-ass work projects, household chores, and class assignments.  Even the hardest working people have days they feel like giving less than their best. We may think we’re taking advantage of a situation by slacking on work.  The problem is we don’t always consider … Continue reading The Secret to Laziness

The Four Pillars of Life

People say life is all about having a healthy work-life balance.  The concept of a work-life balance is incomplete.  Life cannot simply be broken down as time spent working and time spent outside of work.  Our lives are much more intertwined and deserve a bit more complexity. Instead of analyzing life as two entities (work … Continue reading The Four Pillars of Life

Finding The Root Of Your Pain

Life consists of pain.  This is a universal experience for all humans.  Pain can be experienced physically throughout our body as well as mentally or emotionally within our minds.  Naturally when we experience pain, we’re quick to pinpoint the issue. The fact we assess pain quickly is a good thing.  It means we desire to … Continue reading Finding The Root Of Your Pain

Having Your Own Standards

In 2015, Stephen Colbert was the Wake Forest University graduation commencement speaker.  He stressed the importance to have your own standards.  I love this mentality because it pushes us to consider what standards to hold ourselves to.  Sometimes standards imply the bear minimum, in which case it’s beneficial to hold a standard beyond what’s expected. … Continue reading Having Your Own Standards

Arranging your Smartphone Apps

Over the last 10+ years smartphones have become an integral part of our lives.  This technological innovation has become extremely polarizing.  Smartphones allow for unlimited productivity and possibility in the palm of our hands.  Conversely, smartphones can be a massive distraction and can negatively impact our general well being. One thing we can all agree … Continue reading Arranging your Smartphone Apps

Optimal Time Blocking

When you set out to complete a list of tasks, it’s advisable to delegate a specific time of day to devote to each task.  This is widely known as the practice of time blocking.  There are plenty of resources that discuss the importance of time blocking.  What doesn’t get discussed as much is deciding when … Continue reading Optimal Time Blocking

Exchanging Problems

Let’s follow the short tale of Richard and his five problems. We begin as Richard is seeking a job.  At this point he’s unemployed and can barely pay his rent (Problem #1). Finally after months of searching Richard lands a job.  Though he can pay his rent, Richard finds his job unfulfilling and dreads going … Continue reading Exchanging Problems

How To Clear Your Mind

What separates humans from other living creatures is our capacity for higher level thinking.  While it’s great we have powerful minds, it can also be our worst enemy.  Everyday our minds jump from thought to thought.  This can be detrimental to our well-being.  It prevents us from living in the present, whether that’s enjoying the … Continue reading How To Clear Your Mind

Post-Decision Bias

Everyday we are faced with decisions.  Once a decision has been made we live with the results. When reflecting we tend to categorize previous choices as the right decision or the wrong decision. There’s a problem with this.  With many decisions, we can never definitively say whether it was the right or wrong one.  Let … Continue reading Post-Decision Bias

Urgent vs. Important

From time to time I’ll highlight a specific point made in a book I’ve read in the past.  The book The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey is an all-time classic.  I believe the best point made in that book is understanding the difference between tasks that are urgent versus those that are … Continue reading Urgent vs. Important

Hierarchy of Conversation

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people” Eleanor Roosevelt Ever wonder why in some instances a conversation is incredibly engaging and at other times you just want to punch the person talking?  Why some conversations seem absurdly dry while others have you entranced, wondering where the time went?  Typically when speaking … Continue reading Hierarchy of Conversation

3 Life Lessons From Dogs

Every year people spend millions of dollars seeking the answers to life.  We attend seminars, read books, and listen to every podcast.  What we are seeking is happiness, success, and fulfillment.  Being bombarded by different theories and programs can get extremely overwhelming, especially in this day and age in which many of us suffer from … Continue reading 3 Life Lessons From Dogs

How To Read A Book

Based on the title you may be thinking, “is this blog supposed to be for my 3-year-old son?”  In actuality this post is for anybody that plans to read at least one more book in their lifetime. While most educated people can read at a high level, it’s surprising how few people read the right … Continue reading How To Read A Book

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