How to Recover From a Setback - Hit the Reset Button

Photo by Jose Antonio Gallego Vázquez on Unsplash

“Today is going to be a “#great day!”

This is what you shout at the top of your lungs when you get out of bed in the morning. You’ve committed today is YOUR day.

You’re going to own your workout, ace your job interview, complete your pending chores, and have an adventurous night with your best friends.

Sounds like a good day to me—only one problem.

You overslept and missed your workout window. Even worse, you have less time to prepare for your job interview. Now you have to bolt out the door and skimp out on breakfast.

Not a good start to your “#great day!”.

New Beginnings

A new year, a new month, a new week, a new day. Nothing says a fresh start like a beginning.

When we start, there’s a wave of optimism. Perhaps you remember the first day of a new school year. You tell yourself, “this is the year I’m going commit to x, y, and z.”

The problem is things don’t always go the way we plan them to.

We get hurt. We stumble. We blunder. We drop the ball. We embarrass ourselves. We let others down.


Next thing you know, it’s a month into the school year, or a few hours into your “#great day!” and things aren’t going so swell.

If only life had redos. If only we could build time machines to go back and right our wrongs.

Unless you know something I don’t, time travel isn’t a possibility. What is possible is the next best option — hitting the reset button.

Hit the Reset

Sometimes all we need is a little refresh. There’s a feeling once you’ve started, there’s no going back. But why not take a moment. At that moment, you can reassess how your day is going and make the decision to reset.

That reset could be a power nap, positive self-talk, or a deep breath.

Let’s return to your “#great day!”. Your morning hasn’t gone the way you hoped. You skipped your workout and skimped out on breakfast. On your way to the interview, you have two paths.

One path is to continue with the bad vibes. The fact your morning hasn’t gone well is now affecting your mental preparation for your big interview.

In sports terminology, you’re letting the last play interfere with your confidence on the next play.

The other path is hitting the reset. By reset, you’re recommitting to your mindset when you woke up that morning. A reset generates that fresh start feeling we so desperately need.

Reset Frequency

How often are you resetting?

We’ve all gotten off to bad starts. Bad start to the year. Bad start to your day. Bad start to your corporate softball game. We let beginnings set the tone for the rest of the journey.

That’s when it’s critical to have the reset mindset handy.

Missed the mark on your new year’s resolution? Then recommit to starting again today.

Slept in past your alarm? Decide you’re owning the rest of the day.

Gave up four runs in the first inning? Commit to executing perfectly the rest of the game.

Don’t let bad starts define your effort and execution moving forward. Instead, hit the reset to generate the fresh start you need.

Real-World Application

Take the current calendar year we’re living in. The world was desperate for a fresh start in 2021, considering the shit storm that was 2020.

Did we get off to a great start? The realist in me says not quite. COVID-19 cases skyrocketed in January. And did I mention there was an insurrection on the United States Capital?

2021 resolution? More like 2021 insurrection.

This was not the start we were hoping for. Does that mean the rest of 2021 is a throw-away?

Absolutely not.

Why? Because we can always hit the reset. Reset to recommit to your values. Reset to discontinue any negative momentum you’re carrying. Most importantly, reset for your own well-being.

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